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2023 Milestones

Martin Boucher, CECC President

Dec 23, 2023

Celebrating a Successful Year at Community Energy Cooperative Canada!

Dear CECC Members and Supporters,

As we bid farewell to 2023, I'm filled with gratitude and pride for the incredible achievements of Community Energy Cooperative Canada. This year has been a remarkable journey, and it's all thanks to your support and encouragement.

A Milestone in Our Journey: Incorporation and Diverse Leadership 

Our journey this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. We reached a pivotal milestone by officially incorporating as a national-level non-profit cooperative, a significant step towards our mission of sustainable energy practices in Canada.

Equally exciting is the formation of our board, comprised of dedicated individuals from across Canada. Their diverse perspectives and expertise are invaluable to our cooperative's success. Let’s give a warm welcome to:

  • Martin Boucher, President

  • Rod Johnson, Treasurer and Secretary

  • Jeff Roberts, Vice President

  • Colin Smith, Board Member

  • Stephane Senechal, Board Member

  • Raquel Feroe, Board Member

  • Dany Robidoux, Board Member

Our Digital Footprint: Launching Our Website 

We've expanded our digital footprint with the launch of our new website, a testament to our growing community. A special thanks to Leigh Anne Neal for her exceptional work in building this platform. Visit us at to stay updated on our initiatives and progress.

Highlight of the Year: The REC League Event in Ottawa 

One of our standout moments was the REC League Event in Ottawa. This event resulted in a REC League Summary Report, capturing the essence of the event's success and our learnings. I encourage you to read this report. Thank you to the report authors: 

  • Martin Boucher, PhD

  • Julie MacArthur, PhD

  • Karen Miner

  • Leigh Anne Neal

  • Marc-André Pigeon, PhD

  • Mumtaz Derya Tarhan, PhD

We also prepare two shorter pieces in Policy Options and JSGS Policy Brief to get the word on of the CECC! 

Stay Connected: Follow Us on LinkedIn 

To stay abreast of our latest endeavors, follow us on the CECC LinkedIn page. Your support in sharing our page and spreading the word about our cooperative's mission is invaluable.

Looking Ahead: A Bright 2024 

As we approach 2024, we are filled with optimism. Our achievements in a short time frame set a solid foundation for the future. The upcoming year holds great potential, and together, we can continue making impactful strides.

Season's Greetings Finally, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a joyous Christmas to you and your loved ones. Your support has been the cornerstone of our success.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Here's to a prosperous and energizing 2024!

Martin Boucher, CECC President

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