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Energy for All: Ownership Builds Community Wealth

Stable, affordable electricity prices for all! Local, sustainable investment opportunities! Increased community wealth and good local jobs! Cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions! A more resilient, reliable local energy system! No NIMBY! These are some of the benefits of community-owned and -governed “distributed” power generation.

Lower prices for renewable energy and battery storage means that local generation of electricity, right where it’s needed, has become the most beneficial and cheapest way to meet demand, replacing the traditional utility model of centralized generating stations at the other end of long transmission lines.

And if the energy is produced at facilities that are owned and governed locally, those energy payments stay in the community and new power facilities can be self-financed with community capital. It gives everyone a chance to benefit, including people who can’t afford or can’t install their own renewable energy systems. And nobody objects to energy facilities they own or subscribe to in their own neighbourhood.

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